We don’t live close to your funeral home, can you still help us?


We have been providing services for so many years, and as people move away from our immediate area, they still call on our firm to serve them.  We go ANYWHERE to help people who call on us. 

In the last year or so, we’ve handled funeral services in New York City, Delaware, Upstate PA, and at the Jersey shore.  Families may move away from the local neighborhood, but still insist on a great funeral home to serve them.  We could hold the viewing in a church or one of the funeral homes close to the church or in your neighborhood.  (We have a great relationship with most funeral homes throughout the city and surrounding areas and they allow us to utilize their buildings to hold viewings.  This is a courtesy that many funeral home show to us).  

It is impossible for any funeral firm to have a chapel in every neighborhood, every parish.  But because of our relationship with many firms, we could accommodate your family anywhere.