Catholic Funeral Liturgy

Here are some questions you should answer if you would like to customize the Funeral Mass of your loved one:

Are there individuals that would like to be honorary pall-bearers at church and assist in bringing your loved one to the Altar and draping the casket with the pall?

You may select as few as one or as many as eight people for this honor.

Would family or friends like to be lectors and read at the funeral Mass?
There can be one or two readers at the funeral Mass, the 1st reading is taken from the Old Testament funeral readings and the second from the New Testament funeral readings. If only one reader is preferred only a New Testament reading is necessary. If no readers are chosen the priest celebrating the Mass will do the readings.

Would someone like to present the gifts to the priest during the offertory?
Typically 2 gifts of Bread and Wine are presented to the priest during the offertory. If more then 2 people would like to present the gifts arrangements can be made within reason.

Has someone prepared a eulogy?
It is not in the Catholic tradition to give eulogies during the Catholic Funeral Mass, however upon request eulogies are regularly permitted as long as they have been written out and the priest has been notified prior to the Mass. Other appropriate times for eulogies may also be during the wake or during the cemetery or crematory service.

Music for the Mass

You will have the choose to select four hymns for the Funeral Mass. These hymns will be the Entrance Hymn, Offertory Hymn. Communion, Hymn and Recessional Hymn. Select your hymns by category (link to hymns)

The addition of accompanying instrumentalist and soloist are also available and wonderful potions to add to the richness and elegance of the Funeral Mass. If you would like to make the music extra special and personalized we can arrange for you and can be offered as a gift in lieu of flowers or other memorial gifts.